Truly Epic

I’m so sorry. I needed a full day to compose myself. Did anyone else see how confusingly beautiful the Lost series finale was?I liked that it answered the main questions and left the minor ones unanswered because that’s how real

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I desire these:The digital/analog hybrid is niceee. And for the hype kids, It’s in bright colors. Maybe this can be my sister’s 8th grade graduation gift? She did say she wanted a G-Shock. Oh the possibilities…


I had been waiting for this mixtape for awhile:Chris Brown finally gained my respect. He’s a better rapper than I thought. He does the whole rap/singing fusion better than Drake. I’m just sayin’. And Tyga…he’s on the come up. Good summer

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While You’re Waiting

This would be the perfect coffee table, waiting room, or decoration book:Everyone’s been rejected. Don’t try to lie. We might as well laugh about it. This book shares the misery with you. Get it. Stolen from


This movie was exquisite:Jeffery Morgan is such an underrated actor. Zoe Saldana is beautiful point…blank…period. I like that people actually acted amidst the gratuitous action. And Idris Elba needs to get some more roles in the limelight because he deserves

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