Ambition - Reasonable Insanity


Now that its been out for about a week, I really thought I should review Wale’s new album, “Ambition”:

Leading up to the album’s release, Wale did an impressive viral marketing campaign to not only generate hype, but more importantly, to influence people to buy his album as opposed to simply downloading it off some music sharing website. To accomplish that feat, Wale kept portraying this album as a passion project of his. He made an online mini series detailing the making of his album and how he not only wanted people to see the passion he put into this album, but also how he believed his album would change how people heard music. On that note, I will say this-you can tell that he put a lot of heart into his album, so he was successful in that endeavor. Did the album revolutionize music as we know it? Not exactly, but due to Wale’s lyrical prowess and content, it was a notch above most rappers’ offerings. It’s a solid album to ride around and listen to. We’ll see if the Grammy committee finds favor with it…

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