And On the Third Day…

Day 3 of my internship:

May 19, 2011

Another day, another chance to be productive. Probably the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make on this job is to learn how to take breaks. Through school and football practice, my mind has been conditioned to not take a break until the job is done. However, this approach only works when the task is relatively short term in nature. However, with projects that take weeks to complete, going nonstop is not wise and is downright impossible. Case in point, today I was doing these surveys and I hadn’t left my desk or talked to anyone the whole day. For a while I was working hard and felt like I was in the zone. My coworker walked next to me and said my name, thus taking me out of my zone. He revealed to me that while I was in “the zone”, I had been blankly staring at my computer screen for about a minute while slouched to the side. Yes, I literally worked until I couldn’t work anymore; cool achievement, not so cool in the execution department. I also received the materials to execute my second assignment. Oh and I experienced my first meeting. I still don’t see why people hate meetings. To me they break up the monotony of work and make the day seem shorter. Maybe I’m just weird.

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