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Back Like We Never Left

I just received an additional present-some more music from my boys Fresh Music (F.M.):

By my account, this is their third official release from the duo featuring C-Lew and Chazz Literals. The official name of the mixtape is F#@% FRESHMUSIC. Speaking as someone who has followed the group since their inception, I can truly say that they have matured as artists, even though this was released shortly after their previous mixtape. For one, this is the most expansive mixtape I’ve seen from them, with 22 tracks at their disposal. The mark of maturity was even more evident in their raps. Gone are the raps focused purely on the cliche rap subjects. Fresh Music seems to have adopted the adage that “there is a time and place for everything.” In other words, they have diversified their lyrics and are really focusing on wordplay, appropriately covering a multitude of subjects. With songs like SPACEN, SHEGOTU, FAILURES, DRUNKTEXT, and GOODNITE, I look forward to seeing what their next step is. Don’t take my word for it though. Listen for yourself:

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