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Guys, I’m about to say something that I’d never thought I’d say in my whole career of living-it is perfectly acceptable for a straight male to own bags.I must say, I felt a little skeptical about that statement, figuring that the only times I had seen men with bags were either traveling for business or were extremely rich and needed some go-to items. My first experience in a normal male using a bag for miscellaneous purposes was Wiz Khalifa in his video, “The Kid Frankie”:

Watching that video set the stage for my style revolution. I had been avoiding bags because I saw it on the same level as a purse. This video showed me that as a man, you can’t put everything in your pocket, and sometimes backpacks are uncouth. As a result, you’ll inevitably need a bag, and you might as well have a stylish one at that.

My first endeavor into bags came when I got recruited by L’Oreal and we received Polo Ralph Lauren Weekender bags.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Over the summer, however, I realized that with my dynamic lifestyle and the fact that I would rarely be home, I needed to have go-to items with me. My weekender bag turned into a lifeline for me that held an extra phone charger, toothbrush, soap, cash, and other necessities. I’m hoping to upgrade to a Louis Vuitton bag soon. When I saw how it could be complimented with a nice outfit, I saw that bags for men could be masculine. Now I will say that I don’t walk around with mine all day, but if I saw a man doing it, I wouldn’t judge.

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