Building the A-Team

I’m going to bring up one of the most annoying phrases you will ever hear-“team building exercise”. For most people, that means driving out to a remote area on a work day to participate in ropes courses and trust falls.
trust-fall Yes, “those” trust falls.

It’s strange because virtually everyone feels like most of your standard team building exercises are ineffective, wastes of time. I promise you that there are way better, less mocked ways to build the perfect team.

I was talking to a wise man a few weeks ago, and he taught me something so simple, yet so profound. He was explaining how he built his team, a group of people that had succeeded together for a few years. I assumed he was going to say something philosophical like “it is an art rather than a science”, but he took it back to the playground. He explained to me that his team was built by just spending time together.


It seems simple, but in all honesty, how many of you spend time with your coworkers, let alone the team that you work with outside of work? Think about it this way-you are going to spend more time with your work team than you will with your family, on average. The least you can do is make that time count. Remember, these are the people who will have your back when you’re trying to present an idea. Even more important, these are the people who will ultimately decide what direction your career will take.

A strong team doesn’t just benefit a company or organization-you stand to gain a lot as well. Nobody can do anything alone. We all have some awesome strengths and downright debilitating weaknesses. That’s where your team comes in. They lean on you and you lean on them. If you take ego out of it and all help each other become their best, you’ll rise together as well.

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