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Calling All Millennials

As of late, I’ve noticed a lot of attention being paid to my generation, a.k.a. the 90’s babies. Or as everyone likes to call them now-Millennials. I’ve heard my generation called names such as entitled, idealistic, and impatient. And I just want to stand up on behalf of my generation and say that all of these titles are absolutely…correct.

Yes, I said it. Do I think it’s our fault? Who knows. Does it need to be fixed regardless? Yes.

I was lucky enough to have my parents give me the best encouragement any kid could ask for. On one hand, I had my mom, who told me, “I believe you can do anything you want to do.” But the best advice/encouragement came from my dad when he told me this:

Everyone thinks they’re special. But most people aren’t. You should ask yourself, “What did I do that was so special?”

While seemingly harsh in today’s parenting climate, that was the best thing he could have ever told me. In fact, I would paraphrase his statements and just tell my generation and the generation of my (future) kids, “You’re not special.”

But…huh…what? You ask. That’s not true. If it weren’t for the stupid economy, climate change, corporate greed, etc. I would be so rich and wealthy!

False, false, and more false. What my dad was getting at wasn’t that he or my mom didn’t believe in me. They would always explain to me that all the belief in the world meant nothing if I didn’t actively prove their belief correct. Hence, why I would hear comments like:

If you had half of a brain, we wouldn’t expect this much, but God gave you a working mind, a good one at that.


Once you decide to work hard, you could run laps around people, but right now, your laziness is your downfall.

Notice the encouragement mixed with the realities of what is going on. Millennials think that due to current external conditions, we have an excuse to either give up, or not strive.

Once again, I call shenanigans. Is it hard to succeed in today’s society? Yes. But I ask, what made it any different from any other generation’s time period? Every single generation had difficulties in their global landscape that presented an impediment in the road to their success. You know what they did?

They rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Steve Jobs did it, Bill Gates did it, Ted Turner did it. I’m using these specific examples because due to their upbringing, lack of help, or lack of resources respectively and collectively, they didn’t have an easy way towards success. Here’s a hint:

Success is never easy. It never has been and never will be.

I simply want to implore my generation and the generations after to continue striving. Yes you are special. You represent a progression of the previous society. However, special doesn’t get the bills paid-old fashioned hard work does. It won’t be easy, but hard work and constantly improving oneself has never gone out of style. Keep trying. I believe in you.

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