Worth Talking About: Chegg Mobile App

Worth Talking About: Chegg Mobile App

It goes without saying that by looking at my Twitter feed, reading the blog lately, or by knowing me personally, that I work at Chegg. If you don’t know what Chegg is. Here’s the official description:

Chegg, the student hub, is transforming the way millions of students learn by connecting them to the people and tools needed to succeed throughout their high school and college career. The company offers an array of required and non-required scholastic materials including millions of textbooks in any format, access to online homework help and textbook solutions, course organization and scheduling, as well as college and university matching tools and scholarship connections.

Ok now that the corporate spiel is over, here’s a picture:

With that being said, I wanted to bring attention to the Chegg mobile app. While education is typically a boring topic, At Chegg, we really do try to make things fun and useful. Enter our new app. We even have a commercial!

With Chegg’s new app, it’s more than being able to buy books on the go-It really is your full education experience in one central location. That really saves you or your student’s back from having to carry countless books and study materials. It’s all on your phone, iPad, or whatever you’re using. Check it out here

I also write for Chegg on their high school blog More Than a Test Score and Chegg’s college blog. Check it out!

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