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Closing Time

Last night, I was doing my weekly routine of studying and watching some obscure movie on Netflix when I came across the movie “Everything Must Go”

Hopefully, this poster jogged your memory. I remember seeing the previews for this movie a while back and seeing Will Ferrell promote it as a more low budget film. Honestly, when I saw the previews, I ignored it and simply dismissed it as a failed Will Ferrell antic who is known to always deviate from the status quo. I also dismissed it because it wasn’t one of his blockbuster comedies. However, I was bored and I gave it a chance last night. This might be one of the most profound messages I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. In fact, this movie really showed me the brilliance of Will Ferrell. I always had him as a funny guy who was know for hilarious antics and nothing more. However, he really shows his acting range in this film.

This movie is directed by Dan Rush and centers around Will Ferrel’s character Nick Halsey. Without delving too deep into the story, Halsey finds himself kicked out of his own house with his wife having left him and his respective stuff outside on the front lawn. After sulking for a day or two, Halsey decides to sell all of these possessions with the help of a small neighbor kid.

What endeared this movie to me is the fact that it deals with not only loss, but also with the fact that we all try to hide our issues behind closed doors in the privacy of our homes. When Ferrel’s character has all of his junk, both literally and proverbially on his front lawn for everyone to see, he can’t hide from it or hide it from others. He has to face it himself. More often than not, as humans we see our shortcomings and personal drama as embarrassing and others tend to judge us. However, if we all were real with ourselves, because we are human, we all have shortcomings. Nobody is exempt. Like Ferrel’s character, when we’re forced to face our issues head on and it’s displayed in front of others, it is admittedly awkward and embarrassing at first, but as you come to grips with it, it eventually becomes empowering. The subplot in the movie, which I saw as dealing with loss, was also presented profoundly. Sometimes, we are going to lose things, whether it be literal tangible things, people we love, or even love between people. This movie shows that regardless of the situation, we are not always going to have a Disney ending. Sometimes, the happy ending is the fact that we were able to accept the loss with our dignity intact. It’s a sobering and admittedly depressing thought, but then again, life is depressing sometimes. The only thing we can take solace in is the fact that we’re alive, which is good enough because as long as we’re alive, we have a chance to make things right.

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