Designer Spotlight: Frank and Oak

I’m pleased to announce that this website will be partnering with designer/manufacturer/retailer Frank and Oak. Frank and Oak is a modern menswear company based in Montreal, Quebec (that’s in Canada for those who were wondering). What’s so unique about Frank and Oak is that they control their company down to the design, the manufacturing, and the selling of their clothes. This top down approach to business allows them to have a line of clothing that is completely their own. Here are some examples from this month’s collection:


Their website also takes a cool approach towards selling their clothes. Upon joining their website, instead of going straight into shopping like most online retailers, you’re taken to a page where you describe your style and give your clothing sizes. This experience is unique in that based on the information you provide, they select clothing and accessories that they believe will be appropriate for your wants and needs. In other words, it’s like having your own personal shopper. While there are other websites that do this same exact thing, Frank and Oak is the first website that I’ve seen go about this process with a large degree of accuracy. When I went through this initial flirtation with the website, everything they selected for me was something that I wanted to immediately purchase and wear.

For the avid online shopper, Frank and Oak has a feature that immediately won my affection, The Hunt Club. For anyone who has done online shopping, they’ve probably experienced the despair associated with waiting for clothing and seeing that it doesn’t fit in any way, shape or form. Adding to the despair is the complication of sending the clothes back (paying for shipping), hoping they have a better fit for you, and then waiting for the clothes to get back to you. Frank and Oak’s Hunt Club allows you to receive personal recommendations from the staff for your style needs. While this alone is a great benefit, you also are allowed to receive 3 items from the month’s collection sent to your home for you to try on. You only have to pay for what you keep, the rest can be sent back with zero ramifications. To sweeten the deal, you receive a 10% credit for every purchase you make.

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