Fashion Forward: The European Cut Suit

Well hello again. I’ve recently been trying to modify my wardrobe and refrain from wearing Vans and basketball shorts every day. As a result, I recently went out and purchased some suits. Now that I’m older and I had to get these suits from myself, I’m realizing that I didn’t really know anything. I thought that the only choice you had was between colors and how many buttons. However, there are also various cuts of suit. Recently the European cut has become popular. With the American clothing trend moving more towards a slim, more tailored fit, the European cut is the optimal suit to wear currently. The European cut contains the best of both worlds-fashionability due to how it gives you a streamlined appearance, yet also functional in the sense that it has room where it counts, which is in the arm and crotch area. This might seem pointless but if you’re going out to a lounge or a more casual social event, the European cut lends itself to making you look fun, fashionable, and sophisticated. See below for an example:

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