Flying Close to the Sun

I’m sure everyone has heard the Greek myth about Icarus. His father, Daedalus created wings for them out of wax and feathers to be able to fly like birds. Daedalus warned his son that the only thing he was not allowed to do was fly too high (he’d get too close to the sun) or too low (he’d get too close to the ocean). Long story short-Icarus flew too close to the sun, the wax on his wings melted, and he died. It’s where the common refrain “flying too close to the sun” is derived from. It’s obviously a moral lesson about knowing your limits:

Au contraire… Did anyone happen to think that maybe the Icarus story was more about preparation? His wings failed not because the sun is some all-powerful death ray, but rather because his wings were not equipped to handle the height he was flying at. Think about it-this story occurs around 1100 BC. A few thousand years after that story took place, voila we are now complaining about having to pay for WiFi and hoping for the whole soda can in where again? Oh yes, in airplanes. And those have nothing on spaceships.

I think that as a society, many people are afraid of even trying to attempt “flying close to the sun”. This can be exemplified by most people’s hesitance to speak up, try something new, or emotionally invest in something, among other worries. Frankly, most people are scared to fail. News flash-you are going to fail, probably a lot of times. However, each time you mess up, you learn something new. If you learn from those mistakes, you get a little bit better as a person. Each time you get a little better, you are flying that much closer to the sun than you did before.

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