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Getting the Hang of It

Hello blog world. Here’s another update on my summer internship experience:

May 25, 2011

They say there are times in a person’s life that define how they’re going to be in whatever endeavor they decide to undertake. My day of reckoning was today. I got the go ahead to post the presentations and I was feeling pretty good about myself. Also, I got to meet my second floor neighbors and I think it’s going to be all good. But, on the way home, disaster struck. It was brought to my attention that not all the presentations had posted. The egotistical side of my brain saw this as preposterous. How could someone as great as myself miss something on an assignment? In reality, I’m not that great, but everyone has that part of their mind where they believe that they’re the best at everything. These presentations had to be found, regardless of who was at fault (in reality, it was nobody’s, and happened to slip through the cracks). I had to choose between two decisions to make. I could simply ignore the email and jump on it when I got back to work, thus ensuring a relaxing night with my new spouse, the television. Or I could stay up all night and fix it by myself. Due to my personality of wanting to complete everything, I decided to just suck it up and knock it out. I’ll spare the boring details. It got done. I was tired. You might sleep but the work never sleeps. The end.

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