Greatness, Greatness, Greatness

What is greatness? I mean, seriously, what is it? Was there some agreed upon level in ancient times where once you reached it, you would be considered great? Is my use of interrogative sentences beginning to sound pretentious?

Anybody that knows me understands that I have this morbid fascination with being the best. I tweet about it, write Facebook statuses about it, and talk about it with anyone who will listen. In fact, I feel like it’s gotten to a point of annoyance with a fair amount of people. That being said, I’m here to set the record straight-it’s not what it looks like (oh yes, I can come up with cliche statements all day).


In all seriousness, while of course anyone would want to reach a certain level of notoriety for all of the accolades and material possessions associated with it, I simply want to change the world.

Far too often, we forget that it’s a beautiful thing simply to be alive. Being alive represents that many more chances to be great; that many more chances to do whatever you want with your life. I’ve been lucky enough to have a life where so many people have helped me along and invested directly in my success and growth as an individual. The least I can do is pay them back and pay it forward to as many people as possible.

So while greatness is usually a shorthanded way of saying rich and famous, my definition is perfecting yourself in an effort to change the world. I want everyone that ever comes in contact with me to walk away saying, “My life was changed for the better”. In that regard, I don’t feel like I can stop until every individual on this planet can say that.

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