Hey, Hi, How You Doin’?

Well, guess what? Just kidding, don’t guess. I don’t have anything to say to you. I’m sitting in my psychology class next to my boy from Detroit, home of the Lions…. yes that good team that’s going to the Super Bowl and winning it all. Anyways, on the way to class we were talking about fighting. Yes, that’s all we talk about. But anyways, we were talking about big people and people who could fight. I came from the viewpoint that there were a lot of people who looked big to the eye, but had no strength and were just wastes of space. You know who can fight besides Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Manny Pacquiao:

Yea, he’s that good. But, guess what? He only weighs around 140. But for his size, he has to register his hands as lethal weapons. Yes I said LETHAL WEAPONS. I’m 225 lbs. Manny Pacquiao can still knock me out. Keep that in mind next time you think of fighting someone. They might be a world class boxer that will kill you. Sorry, I went overboard. Oh and for the record, Kimbo Slice is still the truth. He’s been training for a little bit over a year. Cut him some slack. I mean look at him:

He also, will kill you. Or knock your dread off. Ok, I’m done for this one. And, I’m so high I thought I saw a spaceship. Just playing. I don’t smoke.

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