Hitting My Stride

Good morning. After a great weekend, I present to you another day in the life of my NetSuite internship. Happy Tuesday:

June 15, 2011

There’s got to be some psychological reason that can explain why, even after doing all the work I possibly could, I was really anxious and had to be busy. To be honest, it was probably the fact that sitting back at your desk looking like you don’t have anything to do just screams out, “Please fire me”. If there are two things I wanted to avoid this summer while working here, one was to not catch a sexual harassment case, and one was to not get fired. Now the former of these two seems like a strange fear, but at my school, during my freshman year, we spent one class day simply talking about office decorum and they made sexual harassment seem like the end of the world. When they talked, they gave off the feeling that just by looking at someone of the opposite sex is sexual harassment in itself. One could say that these talks were akin to the ones you have when you’re 13 about how drugs and alcohol will literally melt your brain if you even try them. As a result, coming into NetSuite, I literally walked around with my eyes to the ground to avoid any sexual harassment misunderstandings. I realize now that if I simply preface my statements to the opposite sex with “no sexual harassment intended”, I might have a little bit of a legal buffer between me and the sexual harassment demon.

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