Holiday Fashion Tips: Frank and Oak

Hello again! I hope everyone’s Christmas was good and *insert holiday bs here*. Now that we have that settled, I was blessed enough to speak with Catherine Beauchamp, a stylist from my new favorite website, Frank and Oak. Ms. Beauchamp was very accommodating and you can find the interview below:

1. What are the hot holiday fashions?
For me, holidays are the time to relax but also a time to party, so I would say that there are 2 typical looks for the season: One that’s cozy, and one to impress!
Look good at the chalet with a comfy wool sweater, classic chino pants and fun accessories like Argyle socks. Then switch into a crisp white shirt for the night! Match it with dressier, colorful cotton pants and finish the look with a tie/tie clip combo!

2. What is your current favorite clothing item?
I don’t think I have only one favorite item, but I’m really into bright colors and “exploration”-inspired items these days.
If i really had to pick one thing, I would say that you can never go wrong with a flannel plaid shirt in the winter!

3. What does Frank and Oak have in the pipeline?
We have amazing stuff coming. We’re expanding our line with many new product categories–more pants, more knits, and more accessories! We’ll also offer new and different shades of colors–a lot of “off shades” as well as more pop colors as we head into spring. Exciting Stuff!

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