I’ll Be Fine

Good evening. In just 2 short days, I will be back to the best state in the world, California. Aside from how expensive it is to live there, I couldn’t think of any reason that someone would want to leave California. Anyways, I had a chance to listen to WZRD’s new album:

WZRD is the duo of “rapper” Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius. Their self titled album is an experimental endeavor by Kid Cudi into the alternative music genre. I understand that being an artist involves taking some risks, but I don’t think WZRD was a very successful experiment at all. For one, Cudi had not been playing guitar for that long and it was evident on the tracks that featured his guitar riffs. The lone hit was a result of sampling from Desire’s popular track “Under Your Spell”, which was made popular in the soundtrack for the movie “Drive”. Kid Cudi has always been a unique artist in my eyes because he wasn’t really a rapper, but he also wasn’t a singer either. I hate to say it, but he should simply stay in his lane and not try this experiment again. I do still contend that he is talented.

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