It Gets Tricky From Here

It’s almost Friday. Homecoming at Howard University is upon us. Since I’ve always played football, I’ve never been able to fully experience our school’s festivities. It’s very unfortunate. Between football, school, work, and my parents coming in town, I think my head is going to explode. In the meantime, here is another day in the life of an intern:

June 17, 2011

I had a very good impromptu talk with Mei, the Senior VP of Corporate Communications today. What’s interesting about our relationship is that she’s watched me grow up, but I never knew her in a business or work capacity. Since I’ve been with the company, the basis of our communication had been restricted to morning greetings. However, after talking to her, I realized that we had the same ideas about not only NetSuite, but also how NetSuite could improve and get bigger and better. She’s a pretty progressive person. She is also very busy, in the middle of our conversation, she had an impromptu meeting with the other PR workers about what their next step was going to be. This is where I saw the down to business side of Mei. She sets the bar high and likes to deal with people who can reach that bar. I believe I could be up to the task. By being in this meeting, I saw that I could do PR too and not just be restricted to marketing. I left the meeting wishing I could be a marketing/PR hybrid. Time will tell. Also, in that meeting I guess I was stolen from marketing by PR. All of my new assignments will be done through the PR department. I now answer to Paige, which is all right with me because like I said, she’s cool so I know she won’t try to jerk me around. I also received my first assignment through them, which was finding NetSuite customers’ Twitter accounts and seeing if they follow NetSuite or if NetSuite follows them. Before I can even sink my teeth into this project, I have to finish NetSuite Essentials.

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