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May 30, 2011

These weeks have gone by incredibly too fast. Another Monday and I’m already in my third week. Being on the second floor is not as bad as I thought. All my neighbors are cool and they help the work day go by a lot faster than I think is fair for someone who is interning. What’s interesting is that I’m starting to learn more about my career as well. To better learn, I’m doing a cross training of sorts and doing some work with the PR team, which is nice because they get to do a lot of fun things that I normally wouldn’t be able to do in any sort of capacity anywhere else. I just feel really bad because work, for lack of a better word, is really fun-even the working part of it. It’s also nice to have people working with me who aren’t much older than I am and are helping me. I have the guy who sits across from me named Frank who is a sports encyclopedia complete with dates. And for some reason, he always knows how to make events happen. It’s a gift. My next-door neighbor, Michele is pretty cool too and is a recent college grad so it helps to have someone to look up to and follow in her footsteps. My other neighbor, Paige might have the title of coolest person at the office, but at the same time is an efficiency machine. And of course, I have my moving buddy, Sonia. Imagine an events team member who is one of the most petite people you know and now imagine them moving boxes for events that employ most of my strength just to move a few feet. I don’t know how she does it. All in all, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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