So Many Details

So Many Details

For everyone that doesn’t know…watch Netflix documentaries to find a solution for every life situation. That being said, a couple of months ago, I was watching this documentary called “Gerhard Richter: Painting”, and it centered around prolific painter Gerhard Richter’s creative process. The beauty of this film existed in the details.

The majority of this film shows Mr. Richter literally splashing colors onto a canvas and then moving this large plastic siding across the canvas, thereby obscuring the colors and merging them into one color. At the halfway point of the movie, I found myself thinking, “This is why people hate high art-there’s so much pretense over these people who paint like the three year old down the street.” Then this happened:

It was then I realized that the whole documentary was setting me up for the fact that even for an abstract painting that seems like it’s thrown together, there is an insane amount of work on the minute details to get the final result. Gerhard Richter spent countless days getting the right combination of colors on the canvas so when he slid that plastic piece across, it would make the perfect background and base. The proper base allowed for the rest of his piece to come together in a beautiful intersection of meticulously planned detail and spontaneous, unbridled passion.

I instantly saw the parallels to life in this art piece. Human life is not one singular existence. It is a collection of the various experiences that you had as you progressed through life. Most people treat these events as just that-events. They only take something from the major occurrences and relegate the rest to minutiae. But, you have to look at life deeper than that.

Everything is important. From the time when you met your idol, all the way to the time when you were reflecting on how awesome it was when you found a dollar in your pocket. All of those moments, big and small, made you who you are. The cool thing about this is that by simply appreciating every part of your life big and small, allows you to maximize every piece to build a foundation for greatness.

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