Nearing the Finish Line

Good evening. This week has been hectic to say the least. But, I’m still only halfway through. Here are some more accounts of my internship experience:

July 1, 2011

This might have been my most eventful day to date. I finished the presentations, discussed my future, and was able to add a new dimension to my experience. I met with the head of Lead Generation, which is essentially marketing. They focus on pulling in people who are completely unrelated to the product and turning them into customers. The head, Rob is literally brilliant as he knows most of the tricks of lead generation and marketing as a whole. It was also nice to see how someone at his level went about their career seeing as we have similar demeanors. I also was finally able to get the ball rolling on starting my idea of a charity kickball tournament.


July 5, 2011

I was taken out to lunch by my dad today and we were accompanied by the two legal guys, Justin and Scott. First of all, these guys are hilarious. My dad wanted them to tell me what it was like receiving a law degree, seeing as I had considered pursuing one, but lost interest when I saw how bleak it was for lawyers in the economy. They were very candid about their experience and helped put things in perspective for me. I also got a chance to see what keeps a corporation running, and the stark truth is that it is extremely hard work. The amount of time they spend processing things and dealing with people’s last minute requests is a sobering thought.

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