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Good morning. TGIF. The worst part about college is that while yes, Friday does indicate the beginning of the weekend and no school, with all of the work we get, we might as well just say that school is 7 days a week. Enough of that though. Here is another day at NetSuite. By the way, I will be blogging more instead of always giving an account of my internship. It probably sounds boring and pretentious at this point:


June 16, 2011

I signed up for training on the company, also known as “NetSuite Essentials”. I want to use this class to be a better asset for this company and actually know the intimate details of the product, as this is a very technical product. The cool part is I get to work from home. Everyone says this class is dull, but then again, they’ve never had to sit through my school’s accounting classes. I think I’m going to be just fine. I also gave a presentation on my survey analysis project. I remembered my business school training and wore a suit jacket to the presentation. Apparently, that is not necessary at NetSuite-just another example of how actual experience trumps school. Going into the presentation, I wasn’t nervous at all because I think I’m a really good public speaker and it comes naturally to me. However, in this business setting, I had no idea how I did during the presentation. I was able to answer all of the questions and explain my data. It was nice to have a good group to present to as they were all very nice and pretty women, no sexual harassment intended in any way, shape, or form. The Events Coordinator was there and her name is Jen. She’s really nice. At first I thought she was so nice because she was faking it, because I’ve never known anyone that nice and bubbly. But that’s how she really is. Mini, the VP of Product Marketing was also in attendance. She’s nice also, but she is also all about her business. I’ve been secretly looking up to her since I’ve been at the company because her position is where I would want to be at a company. I also like the way she conducts herself. Needless to say, any nervousness I had about the presentation was simply making sure I didn’t screw it up in front of her. And last but not least, my friend Sonia was there. Sonia has been coaching me up on life, work, love and everything in between. She’s also on the events team. Hopefully I presented well to them, but you never know. Oh and I’m trying to get a charity kickball game setup for NetSuite. Hopefully we can get that going.


P.S. When looking back at what I wrote that day, I really do feel like this was the sign that I needed to show me that I really was good at what I do. Everybody has their “aha!” moment and I think this was it.

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