On the Road to Riches

Good afternoon world. I had a rough week/weekend. At least it’s over. We always have to keep focusing and working towards a better future. Now that I’m done being introspective, my series about my internship at NetSuite is ending soon. I hope the posts have helped people see what it’s like to work in corporate America and how to navigate various aspects of the business world. Anyways, here is another account of a day in the life of a NetSuite Intern:

July 8, 2011

This week has consisted of working to death and learning how to pull an event together. With the kickball tournament, it’s been rewarding to see an idea I created take shape and grow from an idea into a tangible event. Of course there have been some difficulties in regards to getting past certain hurdles, but all in all, I have learned a great deal and received a large amount of support. I’m starting to learn who takes care of business consistently. I received a lot of help from the events coordinator, Jen Donner. She is a very pretty lady who dresses well, but she’s a shark when it comes to pulling things together. She’s helped me tremendously and it helps that she’s nice. My partner in crime, Sonia has also been a great help. Having a guy to balance it out and provide order was nice too and my neighbor, Frank held it down and schooled me on what I needed to do. My homegirl Paige has also been a good help as she always is. It’s always nice to have competent help in your endeavors.

July 15, 2011

Over the past week, I have been spending time working with the PR department extensively. I learned how to do price quoting on a corporate level. On an individual consumer level, price quoting for a product you want to buy is pretty simple and takes 15 minutes max. However, when analyzing price quotes for a corporate purchase, you have to research every aspect of what you are about to purchase and every aspect of the alternatives because more often than not, if you do not do enough research, you could cause your company to waste millions of dollars. Needless to say, that’s not a good look. I also learned another lesson from my mentor, Mei. She’s taught me to be detail oriented and to only accept perfection when researching. I also learned from her that if one is persistent, but still cordial, they can get a lot further with what they want. I only have 2 more weeks left here. It’s somewhat bittersweet. The kickball tournament is progressing very nicely and I will be executing it 8 days from now. I’ve never put on an event before. I hope it works out and nobody thinks it’s a dumb idea.

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