One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Sorry for neglecting the posts. I went to the hospital. Dehydration is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Anyways, here’s my continuing narrative on my internship:

May 20, 2011

For the first time in my life, I finally saw why people looked forward to Friday. When one is working the whole week as hard as they can, it’s nice to know that for 2.5 days, you can do what you want, when you want, and how you want. Unfortunately, for this first Friday in the work world, I still had to get through the day. I took a break from the death box that lay before me and decided to make a dent in my next assignment. The job was easy enough, take the PowerPoints, convert them, and put them on a web designer program. What was interesting was that even though I had a new assignment, I was still bent on working on and ultimately finishing these tedious surveys. I have a feeling these surveys are going to be a recurring theme in the story of my internship. This Friday went off without so much as a murmur of trouble. However, there have been rumblings of me having to move upstairs. I don’t know how I feel about that. Oh well, time to start the weekend.

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