Respecting the Hustle

Good morning! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my spring break back at home in the Bay. For anyone that’s been under a rock, I live in the Bay Area in California, essentially the best place ever founded. During my break, I had the pleasure of finding one of my old classmates on Twitter. For anyone that graduated high school, this happens all the time and you usually express pleasantries and are on your way, but I looked at the website link on his Twitter bio and was amazed. This gentleman, who goes by the name of Brandon Feist had actually started a clothing line. It’s a common practice for many young people to want to own a clothing line, but this man is doing it the right way. His line is called Mister Pops clothing and here is an example of one of his designs that he’s modeling himself:
Image of Popstache

What’s so acceptable about Mr. Feist’s label is the fact that besides trying to design the shirts and promote them, he has actually put a good amount of effort into the business aspect of it and has an extremely polished website with easy purchase options. For anyone that knows a fledgling designer, it’s a rarity to see one who has fresh designs and an attention to the minute details of how they want their clothing line to be ran. If you support the line now, you can be one of the few people who can boast that they knew a major designer long before his clothing became mainstream. If this design was appealing to you, you can find more available for purchase on his website, which can be accessed by clicking here

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