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Right Back At It

Hey guys, I’m back. As you can see, since my last post, we’ve relocated to a new site and domain. *Children cheering*. Anyways, during this hiatus, I’ve started what’s hopefully my final year of college. More on that to follow. Recently, I’ve been getting into the music of a fellow Californian named Dom Kennedy. This gentleman has a pretty laid back rapping style and his production crew is extremely talented. Take one of his hits, “Locals Only”:

While many see a laid back beat, what many people don’t realize is the track is sampled from one of the nerdiest video games ever, Chrono Trigger. You might recognize this song as it was also sampled on Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Never Been”:

As a fellow nerd myself, the fact that video game music is finally permeating popular music culture is a good sign of the times. Maybe the mainstream will appreciate comic books and video games more. Or, I’ll still be ridiculed. Who knows?

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