The Scholarship Connection

When trying to figure out how to pay for college, students are always hearing about the total amount of scholarship money available in the world and how many opportunities there are to get some of that money. While that seems like an encouraging prospect, the reality is that it’s almost impossible to research every single opportunity. What can a student do? What can their counselors do? What can scholarship providers do? What can the educational system do?


Currently, most people are looking to scholarship websites that have databases built in where they can find this much needed money. However, many of these databases are either not current or don’t have nearly the amount of possible scholarships available. To add to the confusion, many scholarship providers don’t know how or where to promote their scholarships. The good news is that there is a better way.

What if there was a place that not only was constantly looking for scholarships to add to their database, but was also acting as a direct connection for schools, organizations, and companies to list and promote their scholarships? You don’t have to wait for this place anymore, because this place exists at Chegg.


At Chegg, because we are constantly focused on improving student outcomes, we make it a point to not only have a large, accurate database, but also have a product that can match students to relevant scholarships. This in turn, helps them save time, while also saving money for college.

How do we do that? We roll up our sleeves the old fashioned way and are constantly adding new scholarships, while also constantly checking to see which scholarships need to be updated or removed. The great news is that it doesn’t stop there. The biggest benefit of a scholarship match tool is its ability to connect students to scholarships and connect scholarships to students. So even scholarship providers, who want to maximize the amount of students they can reach don’t have to worry about where they should list their scholarship. They can list it with us.

This begs another question, why should a company or organization list their scholarship with us? To put it as simply as possible, we know students. It would be a better use of an organization’s time and money to list and promote their scholarship via Chegg. If you’re trying to help students, why not partner with a company that is trying to do the same thing? There is a way to help students save time, save money, and get smarter and Chegg is leading the charge, with scholarships as one of the flags we’re raising.

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