Why Scholarships Represent Our Future

What if I told you that there was something in this world that would give students more opportunities, give colleges more students, and gain more customers or employees for businesses worldwide? What’s beautiful is that this isn’t some philosophical nonsense that only exists in theory. The future is here and the future contains a lot of scholarships.

In the ever-competitive market for student eyes, ears, and wallets, many people are losing sight of the fact that these are not just faceless entities that compose a demographic. These are your children, your younger siblings, and your next-door neighbors. More importantly, these are the young minds that will one day shape the future of our world. And guess what? It’s getting increasingly difficult for these students to even afford the higher education that will catapult them into a place where they can affect change.

To help support these very students, there are a ton of scholarships out there for every student imaginable. However, there is a gap. Students can’t find the scholarships that fit them and the scholarship providers can’t find the students that they are desperately trying to help. Currently, that is the terrifying norm that is sweeping our nation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Chegg, we are constantly trying to improve student outcomes. That means that any problem a student has, is a problem that we are focused on solving. Paying for school is one of those problems we are solving. As a part of scholarships at Chegg, that is a problem that I am personally driven to solve. When we connect students to scholarships, we are helping fund their dreams. But, other groups benefit as well.

When a student wins a scholarship, the student is able to afford the ticket to their future. Schools that these students are trying to get into will gain a student that will not only be able to pay a tuition to keep the school afloat, but will also be able to continue a legacy of achievement.

For businesses that are trying to reach students as future customers, a scholarship represents a chance to not only change a student’s life for the better, but to also be at the top of mind for a student who might be a future customer. Or better yet, that student could pay it forward and use their education to one day improve that very company who helped fund their dreams.

It is rare for one medium to benefit consumer, educational, and corporate interests simultaneously. However, I have seen a future where this is possible. And that future is scholarships. And we at Chegg will build this future.

To show that we practice what we preach, head over to Chegg right now and check out our scholarships tool! It’s free.

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