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Stay Out My Business

Good morning. I have a bone to pick right before I go to class. First of all, Plies’ song “Plenty Money” is pretty catchy, but I am thoroughly perplexed because why is the song about having lots of money, yet the people with the least amount of money sing it? Huh? What? Yes. I decided that if you don’t have money like that, which most people don’t, please refrain from singing that song with such gusto. Maybe in the privacy of your home. But, everywhere else, i.e. the club, school, work, and any public place, please stop. Because at the end of the day, you don’t have plenty money, you have mini money.

And another thing, why is everyone on the east coast a fan of Gucci Mane?! I’m fine if you enjoy his music. But people treat him like he is the next greatest thing. I can’t hate because I’m not a rapper. He has some little measure of talent. However, compared to the greats, he has none. Sorry Gucci. Maybe next time. Every club in D.C. loves this man and stay blasting his music every other song, literally. How silly. I mean look at him:

Oh and before I go, my roommate hooked it up with the song of the day. T. Pain’s “Every Girl remix” is great.

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