Streetlights @ Noon

Good evening. I had the pleasure yesterday to sit down again with my friend PreCise. He has another mixtape on the way, potentially in early February. He invited me over to listen to what was his mostly finished mixtape, titled “Streetlights @ Noon”. This 14 track work shows PreCise’s maturation as an artist (more on that later) and his willingness to adapt. Before I listened, I caught up with PreCise and had a good conversation. When I asked PreCise about the concept, he replied, “The concept behind this mixtape is “right place, wrong time”, being misunderstood. It’s similar to a streetlight at noon. It’s shining, but nobody’s noticing it.”

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Streetlights @ Noon is a journey through the history of music. The instrumentals range from the soulful sounds of Isaac Hayes and the Stylistics to the hip-hop/techno hybrid sound that is popular today. It shows a musical maturity that belies his young age. As I was listening, I found myself mentally crate digging and being able to identify samples of songs my parents would play for me when I was little. It brought back a bit of nostalgia in addition to a fresh sound that is completely his own. PreCise’s serious tracks show improvement from his initial tape in that he chose more upbeat instrumentals. This small change made all the difference as you could still feel the full power of the lyrics without being depressed. My favorite track from the tape was “Heaven Knows”. On this track, PreCise shows a huge leap forward in terms of flow. He’s always had the lyrical dexterity to do well on any track, but his patience and maturity is evident as he allows the beat to work for him and complement his already superb style. The fact that I was impressed with the unfinished version, makes the anticipation of his mixtape all the more palpable. Seeing a new artist develop is a rare pleasure that music fans enjoy and in listening to PreCise, I am once again being treated to a true musical gem.

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