Strictly Old-Fashioned

For everyone that missed it, I finally reached the oh-so-sweet milestone of turning 21 on August 29. Upon entering the final door into adulthood, I quickly wanted to start thinking of the important things which were, “What is my first legal drink going to be?” and “What is going to be go-to drink?” To answer everyone’s question, my first legal drink was a margarita swirl. Hardly the masculine drink that I envisioned. Literally the day after my birthday, I decided to go out and make my drink of choice. I settled on an oldie but goodie, the Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned is a man’s drink, a link to a bygone era where drinks had character and people drank for the complete, visceral experience instead of simply competing to get wasted. I should stop preaching. The Old Fashioned is very smooth, potent, and has a little bit of sweetness.

Here’s how to make a classic Old Fashioned Cocktail:

1. Start with one sugar cube
2. Crush it down and add a few dashes of angostura bitters. For those asking what angostura bitters are and what brands, there is only one brand:

Angostura bitters are an aromatic, sweet, and savory flavoring made in Trinidad. The recipe is a closely guarded secret. Just know that it’s good.
3. Add a splash of water to dissolve. I learned that sugar does not dissolve well in liquor, so to dissolve it and keep it from sitting at the bottom of the glass, you need this step.
4. Add one ice cube. The whole point of drinking an old-fashioned is to enjoy a non watered down drink. One large ice cube is meant to simply chill the beverage and as it melts down, it keeps the sugar dissolved.
5. Add one part whiskey. Most recipes suggest a rye whiskey. I personally choose Jameson whiskey purely because it’s smooth and it has a great kick.
6. Enjoy. Some people suggest adding an orange peel for garnish and slight citrus flavoring. I feel like that brings the Old Fashioned into watered down territory. Remember, this drink not only is enjoyable, but it portrays a certain image-smooth, classy, and all man. Cheers!

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