This week at work, I was able to participate in my first ever conference, SuiteWorld 2012:

In a lot of ways it was the first time in my short professional career that I was able to assume responsibility without being handled with kid gloves. My successes and failures would completely be my own and I wouldn’t be able to hide behind being “new”. Going in to it, I was really looking forward to seeing if my laid back demeanor would be tested by working in the high stress and long hours environment of a conference. Luckily, I was able to do both with relative success. However, more importantly, as a business professional, participating in this conference allowed me to see the future of how business is done.

To explain without sounding dull, SuiteWorld 2012 was a conference for customers who use NetSuite’s business software. As a company, we revealed new products that our customers could buy and provided seminars that would teach our customers how to use their product and optimize it so their business could run smoother. During this conference, I saw that the future of business involved collaboration. Gone are the days where businesses are these omnipotent companies that dictate what products they are going to make/sell. In order to be successful, businesses are going to need to have a close relationship with consumers. This means paying greater attention to customer feedback and directly connecting it to what a company’s R&D departments develop as a new product. The customer is now on the same level as the company in terms of importance. Now, one cannot exist without the other.

In that same spirit of collaboration, the way marketing is done as well as customer support is going to be different. Gone are the days where a marketing department of a company is going to have to make a decision about a single method of how they’re going to reach consumers. With the advent of Twitter, Instagram, and the widespread accessibility of the internet, companies can now research by simply looking directly at what customers want. With customer support, customers are going to look to each other to help solve their problems and only look to customer support as an escalation if they can’t solve their problems. I write all this to express that the world is getting smaller and people are becoming more accessible. We have all these tools to connect and make the world a better place. The real question is, why don’t we start using these tools more?


P.S. If you have any other thoughts about SuiteWorld 2012 or the points I brought up, feel free to reach me at or find me on Twitter: @jordanrunsit

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