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The Important Things

Good morning. I was sitting in class today and I had a revelation, so I thought I’d share it. As I’ve mentioned before, I attend Howard University, which is an HBCU or a Historically Black College and University in Washington D.C.

At Howard, almost as soon as you step on campus for the first time, you will be bombarded with talks of “legacy” and “tradition”, among speaking about all the notable alumni that attended the university. At first I saw no problem with these words as they typically denote prestige and success. However, as I matriculated through school, I saw that this “legacy” was not continued. It seemed like once the 80’s ended, so did Howard’s tradition of unquestionable greatness. I believe this is due to the fact that many administration and students are willing to rest on their laurels. As a result, there are many aspects of Howard that are in need of fixing and a lack of overall student pride. I believe an overall attitude adjustment is needed for many students and faculty. What is the point of a legacy if the next generation is not willing to continue that legacy? I only mentioned this because the same attitude at Howard is the attitude of many college students in my generation. They’re willing to live off the success of others instead of working and finding their own greatness. History is great and it inspires pride, but it should also inspire within people a desire to make legacies of their own. Otherwise, history won’t remember you and your contribution to the world will be so minimal that it will become irrelevant.

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