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The Season Finale

Happy Monday, world! It’s the last week of our season and it’s kind of bittersweet. I genuinely love my teammates. Now that I’m done being sentimental, here is the final blogpost about my internship at NetSuite. After this, I’m going back to writing about any and everything:

July 29, 2011

Today was my final day at NetSuite. This past week really resulted in me discussing my future with the company and taking care of last minute administrative details. My coworkers in the marketing department took me out to lunch yesterday, which induced a wave of nostalgia seeing as it was the place where they first took me to lunch and I was able to meet everyone for the first time. My boss actually had some fun facts prepared about different key milestones that I hit while working over the summer. I can genuinely say that I respect and care for all of my coworkers. They really taught me a lot not only about marketing and business, but about life challenges. I will always be grateful for the time they spent with me and I can really say that I can call them friends. Today, I hung out with the people in my dad’s department, the IT guys. They’re really funny, but they’re also some of the most brilliant people I have ever met. They really are under appreciated. My last day was pretty anticlimactic. I cleared my desk and turned in my computer and discussed my contract for working during the school year and that was about it. I hope I can return to NetSuite and continue advancing not only within the company but also advancing my work skills. I really had a good time and I know for a fact that even if NetSuite does not work out, I made the right career choice and I couldn’t think of a better company to jumpstart my career with.

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