The Will to Win

The Will to Win

My really good friend at work, Sam and I are both former football players. Sam for Stanford and me for Howard University. We constantly find ourselves having a philosophical discussion about what successful people are made of. Sam comes from the side that successful people are built through experience and time, while I believe that you can’t be successful unless that mentality is engrained in your DNA. To be honest, it’s a classic chicken vs. egg debate. However, we both agree on the inevitable root of this debate-to be successful, at some point you will have to have the will to win.


A lot of people think that “winning” in life is encompassed by receiving a gratuitous amount of awards and accolades. I’m here to tell you that this is not remotely near the definition of winning. In the dictionary, the word win is defined as, “To achieve success in an effort or venture”. I want to extract two words from this definition, “achieve” and “success”. Success cannot be given; it will always be achieved. To achieve anything in life is a journey, and success is no different. Are some people’s journeys shorter than others? Perhaps. But I would contend that at the end of the day, only winners will have longevity with their successful endeavors.

Why is that? It’s quite simple actually:

Winners love what they do.

Think about anything you’ve ever loved whether it be a significant other, family member, job, etc. what is a common theme for these relationships? I believe the strongest theme was that if you truly love it, you’ll give it the best of you. Successful people have an inherent love for whatever they’re doing. As a result, they want to give it their best. Then, they want to improve so they can bring something even better to their passions, giving their all to the point that they are crawling towards the finish line.


To be put quite simply, no matter what your goal is, you should refuse to accept anything less than that goal. It will be hard, but the inevitable victory will be that much sweeter.

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