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Time to Re-Up

Yes, today is “Re-Up Day”. Consider it a spring cleaning of life. I’m throwing out the old things and bringing in some new things. I’m also trying to clear my conscience from missed opportunities. Almost done here. This has been going on for awhile, but I can’t help but laugh at Lil B and his new “based god” persona:

Yes, this is Lil B the “based god”. The whole concept behind it is that Lil B believes himself to be the savior of music and life in general. This task is very laborious it seems as he wants to take every man’s (expletive beginning with b) in order to continue saving the world. Lil B considers himself to be “much mucher” than the average man. According to Lil B, “I have advanced thoughts that me myself I cant even catch sometimes.” It’s very philosophical as you can see. Just make sure that every day you give praise and say:

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