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Good morning! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m back. This has been a hectic week, I’ve had some great triumphs but experienced some setbacks too. On that note, sometimes when you’re not where you want to be in life at a given moment, it is pretty frustrating. I can speak from personal experience that it often saddles you with a crippling depression. However, just see it as a temporary setback, a reason to work even harder and to possibly try a new approach. Most of the greatest innovations and ideas were birthed from a period of great struggle. That’s the strength of the human race. We adapt and overcome. I hope that gives you some sort of solace for whatever you’re going through. I personally have to repeat that to myself every single day. That was pretty heavy. Who’s excited for Christmas?!


I’ve come to make it a tradition on this blog to compile a wish list of sorts for the impending holiday. What’s really intriguing is that when I look back at my previous ones, I have been blessed to either receive some of my wishes or purchase them myself. That being said I would like:

A pair of trues. Or any bomb jeans for that matter. I’m beginning to re-up my collection.


A Levi denim jacket. It’s been a longtime favorite of mine, but I just got confident enough to wear one:


Supra Vaiders. I’ve always wanted a pair:

P.S. I always love dress clothes. I want to be a contemporary professional, like a black version of “Mad Men”.


Yes, my list was pretty short this year. Whatever you want, let me know, maybe I could hook it up for you. It could be a gift exchange. Have a great day!

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