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What a Great Invention

Hey, I’m back on here. I have a greater respect for what my dad does now, seeing as he’s able to do well at work, raise me and my sister well, and he’s a good husband from what I hear. He’s the #1 role model. Anyways, here are more chronicles of my summer internship:

May 26, 2011

Because I had such an awesome slumber party with my work laptop and last minute presentation uploads, I was quite exhausted. I came into work hoping to get that speech that you see in the movies where your boss says, “Son, you look like hell. You worked hard. Just go home. Get some rest.” Yea, that’s why movies are movies. The work didn’t stop, it simply kept going. However, I learned a new beautiful word, “overtime”. Overtime is the glorious invention created by someone who used to be like me, a guy just trying to find his way in the world when he realized, “Hey, I work hard, and I’m not even at work. Something has to be done.” This person then went to the mines of Human Resources and constructed an aspect of the payroll that helped ease the pain of working into the night and forgetting your family existed. Anyways, thank heavens for overtime. Oh, and proof that my boss is one of the best bosses known to man-he’s letting me work from home tomorrow so I can take my sister to her track championships.

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