What Love Makes Us Do pt. 1

Hello hello! This past weekend has been a crazy few days for me, as I’ve found myself actually bettering my life with my only inspiration being love. Seeing what I started doing subconsciously made me realize that love can really make you do anything. The sky is the limit. I always wanted to know how love motivated both sexes so I started with women and asked some of the closest women in my life what love makes them do. Here are their responses:

securedownload-4 Shevonne-To me, love has no limits. Love can make you go completely out of your comfort zone for someone without hesitation. It can be so limitless that sometimes you can lose yourself in love, which is why for me, I make sure I establish balance and boundaries in any relationship I participate in. Love can also change you. I can honestly say through my relationships, I’ve grown and matured tremendously. I think being able to point out lessons you learned in relationships is one of the most rewarding feelings; growth should be one of the key goals in a relationship because without it, you and your partner will make no progress. Love definitely can have it’s ups and downs, but I believe it’s ultimate power is to bring us true happiness. It doesn’t get any better than that.

securedownload-3 Janay-Well the question should be, ‘what CAN’T love make you do’. Love is the highest form of emotion. It surpasses hate and all evil. Love will make the upmost self centered person completely selfless without any hesitation. Love is when your decisions aren’t completely thought out or planned. Love is when you act on emotion and your feelings. Love has no limit to what it can make you do because when you are in love with someone you will break barriers and do almost anything for them. Love is inspiring your partner and fighting to give them nothing but happiness because in reality their happiness becomes yours. love makes you forget all of the pain and trials you have been there prior to now. But most of all love only progresses as time goes on, love is one of Gods most beautiful gifts to us. At 21 years old, I have been blessed enough to experience the most unhealthy of relationships to the absolute strongest relationship I have ever experienced with someone. So yes, love is the absolute. Most frightening emotion that could ever come over you, and there are no limits to what it can make you do.

securedownload-2 Sherine-Love is a self motivation whether it is towards a person or goal. It motivates you to do exactly what you really want to do inside with no limits; it doesn’t matter what others think or want. When people are in love they are careless of others opinion and the worries of the world. This is not surprising because God is love and with Him anything is possible. With love anything is possible and this world we live in needs more love.

securedownload-1 Kamaria-Love can make you change the ways by which you’ve been living your whole life, prior. You give up your personal traditions in order to accommodate the traditions of the individual you’ve fallen in love with. You change your ways so that it can work for both of you, instead of just working solely for yourself.

As you can see, women show a more tangible version of love. This is what prompted R. Kelly to say, “When a woman loves, she loves for real”. To have the love of a woman can be one of the most beautifully visceral experiences to ever occur in life. That being said, men have their own way of loving too. So, keep posted for a man’s response coming soon!

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  • Eddie Ferguson on January 7, 2013 at 4:01 am said:

    Love is good for our soul. Have you ever noticed that if you go through periods of time not feeling loved, you are more vulnerable to act selfishly or choose a wrong way?But, when you feel really cared about and loved by others you are more selfless and move towards goodness. It makes a scripture come to mind. Love covers a multitude of sins. Blessings upon you!

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