What Love Makes Us Do pt. 2

Hello again. So the last post, I posed the question, “what can love make you do?” to my friends. In the last post, we got a chance to see the female’s response towards that question. Now, I have my male friends’ perspectives on the subject. For the sake of anonymity, one of my friends declined to use his picture or real name, but his wisdom is still sound nonetheless. Well, without further ado…

487266_3867183010873_597969829_nAnthony-Love can make you break habits you didn’t know you had. It’ll make you save the little money you make for dates. It will make you sacrifice.

Tree-Now first break down Love. My limited understanding is that Love is a spiritual process of exchange that goes on between said person(s) that manifest expression through thoughts and actions towards someone or something in the physical. Love has many degrees and mean different things to different people at different times. Lower degrees of Love may involve Lust and higher degrees can involve a deeper spiritual connection. When an individual calls them self loving somebody or something what they are really saying is that their ‘spirit’ (because technically we are more than our body and our present mind) is engrossed, consumed, intertwined, devoted and/ or passionately committed with self or something other than itself. This ‘another’ could be a hobby like music, djing, talking shit or a person, place, or thing. The individual personalizes Love through their own expression.

Now Technology is advancing and getting crazy as hell but as far as I know nobody can ‘make’ anyone do anything (Project MKUltra). Somebody can influence you to make a certain decision by talking a little shit, using peer pressure, smooth talking, hypnotizing, threatening, persuading, bribing, trickin’ off, Dee-Boing you (you get the point), etc but at the end of the day, based on an persons mental integrity, they had a choice.

Again Love, like a lot of things can be good or bad based on its degree. There are the lovebirds who love each other forever, get married, produce children, live happily ever after. There are musicians who produce great music out of love. It’s mothers and dads that will sacrifice their last for their kids because they love them. It’s brothers that will lay down their life for each other outta love, blood related or not. It’s Captain Save-allthe-Bait’s out their that fall in love with every chick they see. They will throw on their cape and express, what they believe is, their all to ‘unique’ and ‘genuine’ love, time, and money to make that woman feel special. However, on the negative side I think everybody knows those cases of an abusive relationship where the woman ( or boy) is getting beat down but they CHOOSE to stay…for blind love. Or the individual who will kill others or themselves out of a love for religion, fame, ideology or insanity. Then you have people that love drugs to death, literally. The degree to which love is expressed is based on you, your situation, and your maturity. It can influence you to do great things or some real fucked up shit. Always keep that in mind.

This is my understanding so far on the things Love can make somebody do. A lot of the examples I gave may not necessarily stem from love in all situations, but maybe someone gained better insight by my understanding.


What’s interesting about my friends’ responses is that it really proves the point that while women are better at showing love, one could argue that men love in the most loyal way. Now, that doesn’t mean that men don’t do their dirt, but even at their worst, men can easily identify the difference between their true love and their temporary object of lust. Nonetheless, I hope you guys appreciate this male perspective. To finish off this series, I’ll be giving my unique, in-depth answer to this same question. Until next time…

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