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When It All Makes Sense

Previously, I expressed my excitement over Jay-Z’s book “Decoded”

Sadly, I had never gotten a chance to read it. That changed four days ago. We all associate Jay-Z with a meticulous attention to detail and quality, but surprisingly, I didn’t expect to actually learn about poetry and a whole society. In “Decoded”, Jay-Z reveals the intricacies of his raps as well as the true “New York state of mind”. I never understood the New York hip hop scene. In fact, I openly mocked it. However, upon reading Jay-Z’s book, I learned that New York hip hop is not about shaking it in the club or making it rain. It’s music that talks about real life experiences and has intricate meanings. In other words, with New York rap, you need to just sit back and relax and listen to it a few times. After reading this book, I started looking at the lyrics of various New York artists I dismissed. It suddenly made sense. If you are a true music lover as well as an avid historian, or simply want a good read with lots of beautiful imagery, both mental and visual, get this book.

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